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November 01, 2011


Eric Martin

Hi Bertrand - Here in Ontario, Canada (I believe you were here a few years ago) our bureaucracy is different from yours but very difficult to deal with and to comprehend as well. Scenes of wine being sold in the street and the marketplace would never happen here because the government has a monopoly on the sale of most forms of alcohol in government owned stores.
The good news is that in the last 10 years small( from 500 to 4,000 cases) wineries have opened who are dedicated to growing natural or "live" wines. Most of them have to sell directly from the winery because they can't get space on the store shelves. The government prefers to import 100 shirazes from Australia that all taste the same.
I wonder if bureaucrats have to be trained or were they born bureaucrats?

What a great find to come across the bottles of Alsace Riesling. Past it's time but still a pleasure to re-live it's history. The bottles are a keepsake for sure. Hope more unique finds come your way. Thanks for sharing.

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