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December 01, 2011


Morgan Harris


I absolutely love this article.

If I'm not mistaken, they make a "ratafia" in Calvados as well, but I think it's called "Pommeau de Normandie" or something like that...

Do they use a grape marc for this or is it an apple-based spirit?




Hi Morgan,

Good question, they may have told me and I forgot or something. I'll ask and come back here to tell, it's quite an important detail. You know what ? That very day we visited a guy who had a stock of spirit to sell, some being needed for the future ratafia. I can't tell more but this was utmost interesting for me.

Richard Ewen

Intriguing and moving story. I remember apple cider made from the orchards around Lake Erie in Ohio that tasted so good during my youth (1946-60). We got it from neighboring farms and kept the cider on the back porch in the winter and had what we called "hard cider" with a strong "kick" to its taste. I don't know how much alcohol was in it, but its tartness was significantly stronger than the original taste of the cider. I would certainly enjoy the apple/marc drink.

King Krak, Oenomancer

Such a great post, Bert! Thanks!!!


What a sweet boy! My favorite memories are taking my children to the apple orchards (since I grew up in the city and didn't know Southern California had them). They are now grown but look forward to taking the first grandchild.


Hi Morgan!
Pommeau is made by adding Eau de vie de Pomme (Distilled hard apple cider) to apple must (unfermented apple juice). It is then aged in barrels.
It is similar to Ratfia, but made only with apple products...

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