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December 15, 2011



Thanks for sharing these great photographs! I have enjoyed them enormously, and will come back later to have a closer look!
Regards from the Netherlands, where this is even more a 'different' world then in France!

rafa bernabe

Que cosa mas bella, salud

G. W. Tenery

Wonderful photographs! A simpler time for sure.


A wonderful collection and thank you. Lest anyone forget, wine making is labor-intensive, very hard work!

Joseph Di Blasi

What an interesting post! Thanks for sharing!


PurpleTeeth of Fullerton, Calif., USA

Great photos! My wife and I visited all of these places, and seeing them in their earlier years is a revelation.


Wonderful pictures from the past. You may still find bottles of this decade on some french wine sites : http://www.le-bourguignon.fr/vins-millesimes-anciens/65-clos-vougeot-1936.html


I love the history in these photos. Really like your blog, thank you very much.


Bakersfield, California / USA

Jennifer Jackson

My husband and I produce California sparkling wine and in some ways, things have not changed if you use the methode champenoise. The are wonderful photos, thanks for posting them.

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