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January 11, 2012



There is a term, Heroic Viticulture, that is sometimes used to describe situations where people overcome difficulties of the landscape to grow vines and produce wine. The steep vineyards of the Douro valley in Portugal are a famous example. And surely, viticulture in this location in Aveyron is heroic. To carry out agricultural work on the slopes - and I can say I've done this in another location - is bloody hard work and the climate/weather conditions make this a not-so-easy place to live, let alone work. Late frosts and the possibility of mildew due to warm but humid conditions add to the task. There are no possibilities of machines (except cable-drawn impliments) in the vineyard to make the work easier - but I suspect some vignerons here would not want them anyway. Great to read this story. Bon courage, Monsieur Carmarans. Nice work, Bertrand.

Michel Smith

Hey, this is a great piece ! And I feel like driving there immediately ! I've tasted L'Olto 2011 a few weeks ago and it was delicious !

Jose Carmaran

Hola! Soy José Carmaran desde Concordia, Argentina, estoy feliz de encontrar esta nota a Nicolas Carmarans, yo pienso que debe ser de mi familia. Mis bisabuelos emigraron desde Vieillevie, pero sus ancestros vivieron en La Cayrette - Golinhac, muy cerca de Le Bruel. Para contactarme: www.facebook.com/josecarmaran

Bonjour! Je suis José Carmaran j'abite à Concordia, Argentina, je suis heureux de trouver cette interview Nicolas Carmarans.
je pense qu'il doit être de ma famille. Mes grands-parents ont émigré de Vieillevie, mais leurs ancêtres ont vécu dans la Cayrette - Golinhac, près de Le Bruel. Pour me contacter: www.facebook.com/josecarmaran

Hello! I'm José Carmaran from Concordia, Argentina, I am happy to find this note to Nicolas Carmarans, I think it must be my family. My great-grandparents emigrated from Vieillevie, but their ancestors lived in the Cayrette - Golinhac, near Le Bruel. To contact me: www.facebook.com/josecarmaran



Interesting article about wine in Georgia-Out of Eden- National Geographic

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