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February 02, 2012


Mack Owen

Great article! He say's he uses 3000 bottles for topping a year. How many barrels does he have?


I don't know, but there's a lot of wine vanishing in a cask, it may not need to be a huge number of casks to need this volume.

Mack Owen

I ask because I myself work at a winery w/o a cave, as the assistant and am interested in this subject of how much wine you lose through evaporation(humidity as the variable)

This vintage we have recently installed a humidity system ("Smart Fog",@$5000 )and it keeps our humidity about 75-80%. We produce 3000 cases/year annually and I'd say we lose 200-300gallons or 3 to 4 barrels(25 case/barrel)through evaporation. I'd be interested to know his humidity and case production.



I understand. I'll ask him how many casks more or less he has to top up. I know that these relatively-humid and cold cellars allow to spare in the topping-up volumes along the year, but I don't know really how much. I keep you informed.


Hi, absolutely love your site. however I often wonder at some of your numbers. For instance, when you mention that a wine contains 2-4 g of SO2 I presume this is 2-4 g per liter?

Just curious..


No, this is always per hectoliter. Winemakers calculate their dosage for a vat.

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