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July 23, 2012



Nice article, Bertrand. Nice photo's too as usual. Whenever I can, I buy my 'bulk wine' directly from the coop. Many of the cheap supermarket wines are sourced in (big) bulk from the coop's so by going direct, I cut out the 'middleman' and the money goes to the coop, many of which are in straitened financial circumstances. Slightly off topic question - what is the food shown on the left-hand-side of the 4th photo, it looks like a confit of some sort?


This dish was not only appetizing-looking as you seem to have noticed it, Mike, it was a delicious home-made "poulet en gelée" (chicken in jelly) cooked mith Madeire and served cold with basil leaves, very nice summer dish...
You're right for buying in the coops (or also buying bag-in-boxes in wineries), they tend to be making better wines than a few years ago, but you need to check first otherwise you find yourself with 5 liters of unpleasant wine that you have a hard time to finish.

Bob R.

It's great to be able to select a sample of such inexpensive roses to try. Wish I could do the same here in the US. I do remember staying in the Var a number of years ago and buying very good rose from nearby co-ops for the equivalent of around $2. And this spring in the Ardeche we were in a large supermarket and their wine department had several dozen roses, most quite cheap, although we didn't try any. Instead we bought a case of one rose from a local coop for 3 Euros/bottle, and it was one of the best roses we had during the month we were in France.


Nice post. Unfortunately, all of them are imposible to find in Spain.



It's funny, but I think I miss the low-cost supermarket wines such as the roses' more than the upscale wines. We've had such good inexpensive rose wines on our visits to Provence, but to import them to the States would quadruple the price. Just the other day I was thinking how I wished I had taken more photos of the interesting shaped rose bottles when we were last over there.

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