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November 19, 2012


S. Lanum

1. What the hell is colza?

2. What are you supposed to do--junk your 17 year old car and buy a new one, notwithstanding the enormous expenditure of resources associated with the manufacture of a 3,000 pound vehicle? People who drive 17 year old cars, as opposed to replacing them once they reach five years of age because they are "outdated," are part of the solution, not the problem.


Hi Steve,
Sorry, Colza oil is canola-seed oil
You say it right about this "old" cars ban in Paris, plus, the older the vehicule the quieter your driving will be if you want to keep it running without being ruined by maintenance, which will result in overall lesser use and more moderate driving patterns, but I doubt these people (the French Greens) are very open to basic common sense...


very interesting ! Well done

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