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February 02, 2013



I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the wines you mention are imported in the US. I just placed an order online!


our Georgian wine imported in USA

Terrell Wines
751 13th Street
Treasure Island
San Francisco, CA 94130-1222

Tel. +1 510 717 4829
[email protected]


Why shoud they write in russian ? If they have their own alphabet...


Armenia is not the oldest winemaking country! There are traces of winemaking in georgia which date back to 8000 - 6000 BC. What was found in Areni is an oldest known winemaking facility, where by that time lived no or maby just some armenians. Besides the word wine is spread from georgian word for vine - gvino.


Just an innocent joke, Andri. I can understand Russian but not this mysterious language...
I know the first-wine-ever issue is touchy, so let's forget the borders for a while, there were myriads of indigenous cultures thousands years ago from Cherkessia to what is now Turkey and Iran, and what is sure is that winemaking has been thriving all over the place.

SARL Par'issi

Dear All.

Pleased to meet you.

Actually we are the exclusive importers of Georgian wines in France. (Saperavi,Mukuzani,Rkatsiteli,Kindzmarauli etc)... and of course the wine that was matured and fermented in Amphora (Qvevri).

Please do not hesitate to contact us or to visit our website:

SARL Par'issi.

Karen Van der Vort

I have been a winemaker for 30+years in CA mostly. I held a Georgian winemaking seminar and tasting a year ago in the southeast USA. I was told by the winery where I was Director that the tasting was too obscure for most people. I find that anything that is obscure is mysterious and intriguing myself! What a wonderful tasting and thank you for taking me there vicariously. I am online looking for a winemaker position in Europe to bring some of my own skills to a winery in Europe. If it works out I would love to find my way to one of these tastings. I read Alice's book on biodynamic winemaking. Interesting to see her there!! Love your blog.

Karen Van der Vort

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