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June 30, 2013



You can add some cooked barley to the mix before filling the casing, it gives extra texture and is delicious too.... :-)

Dirk De la Marche

Blood-sausages in Belgium are usually spiced with "medieval" spices such as mace, nutmeg and cinnamon. Sometimes raisins and sugar are added for a sweet version. Though we like French blood-sausages they are bland in comparison; tastes differ, of course...


Thanks, Bert. A very interesting story. I've made boudin blanc, which is certainly easier - no blood, no boiling.

And I await your foie gras post. The first time my wife tasted it she looked up and said, "This goes against all my principles, but I love it!" We have passed foie gras farms that advertise tours, but never stopped - it would be good to see how it's made, and whether the geese are happy, although in my experience there is no such thing as a happy goose.


Another great post. I recently had some experience making bratwurst with friends, and this makes me thirsty to try my hand at boudin noir, if we can get ahold of the blood which is illegal here as well. So sorry you had to hide these artisans faces to keep their anonymity.


It is not illegal at all to buy pig blood here, you just have to find the butcher who wants to order a bucket for you (they don't make much money with this).
No need to hide their face in the sense that it's not illegal to make blood sausage per-se, I just avoid to tell the village's name because this boudin noir will be served in a village event and this artisanal kitchen maybe doesn't meet the norms...

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