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September 26, 2013



You should really try out Ziereisen in Efringen-Kirchen, close to Basel, and very comparable !!!


First of all, I am a long time reader of your blog; it is very good!
I am belgian and "vin naturel-radical" for many years. So, with this article, I am very pleased that You even discovered Germany...
This is an invitation to go even further than Baden and the Kaiserstuhl, to the Mosel for instance and visit the pioneers of natural winemaking, Rita and Rudolf Trossen in Kinheim/Mosel (biodynamics since 1978!). And there are yet others to follow this path.


Thank you so much for profiling some of my very favorite winemakers in the world! In your article, the 2012 wines you cite are labeled "Bundsandstein" (sandstone terroir) and "Muschelkalk" (limestone), FYI.

Lars Carlberg

Thanks for your write-up and shout-out! The story goes that Oliver Fischer use to sell natural corks for Korkindustrie Trier. Back then, he covered the wine regions Rheingau, Franken, Pfalz, Baden, and Württemberg. At the time, he mentioned visiting Enderle & Moll and thought I might like their wines. (He often poured me other Spätburgunders which were not to my taste.) Anyhow, when he visited Enderle & Moll again, he brought back samples for me to taste. In fact, it was a bottle of the 2007 Pinot Noir Buntsandstein, which had impressed me. I didn't rush to visit Enderle & Moll, though.

Mosel Wine Merchant would, however, be the first to import the wines to the US. In addition, Stephen Bitterolf and Joe Salamone of Crush Wine were the first to buy the 2007 Buntsandstein. Later on, John Ritchie of Chambers Street Wines became a big supporter of Enderle & Moll, including the gulpable 2008 Pinot Noir. Other fans of the 2008 included Prune Restaurant in the East Village.


I came to Enderle & Moll via Ziereisen and your website, and tasted them this weekend. The 2012 Liaison Pinot Noir is great, like a super spatburgunder from Baden, but with a twist, making it not only great but out of this world. The Auxerrois 2013 is also beautiful, as is the Müller Thurgau Unplugged, a bit more rock'n roll and difficult though. Anyway thanks for pointing this company out, I had a very good weekend !!

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