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December 24, 2013


Paul Roberts

I thank you for taking such care, writing in your second tongue, Bert. This was a solstice pleasure, and you are an international treasure. I ask the reader, who else today is documenting this but our faithful correspondent Bert Celce?

Rick Rainey

As usual, just great writing with such exacting detail. Thank you very much to take the time to transport me back to France for some of my favorite things in life.

Rick Rainey
Forge Cellars - Finger Lakes, USA


Paul & Rick,

That's my pleasure, I love visiting these places where people are doing such a great job out of the beaten path. Plus, I'm learning while reporting.


Love the post!

The stinkiest a cheese, the better. I don't know about "Trou du cru", though. (I got the joke right away as I am French.)

Roelof Ligtmans

Hi Bertrand,

there's some raw milk Epoisses to be had at Fromagerie Gaugry in Brochon as well, and it is very good indeed.

Thanks for setting the spotlights on what is undeniably one of France's greatest cheeses.

I once visited a vineyard with a very polite middle-aged lady from the Chambre d'Agriculture, who had forgotten she had some Epoisses in the boot of the car. It was a hot day. After a while she descended the vineyard slope to get something from the car, she opened the boot, and cried "OH PUTAIN". That is the power of Epoisses!



Hi Roedolf,

Yes, Gaugry is also making raw-milk époisses along pasteurized époisses. It is a dairy, meaning it purchases its milk from third parties, a string of milk farms of the region. Regarding their raw milk, I have no information yet on the way it's been handled (if it got some kind of thermisation or not) or if the cows behind this milk got silage feed. If given the oppoprtunity, I'll visit the place too.

Pat B

Wonderful story, pictures and videos, Bert! I must now go out and look for epoisses to try.

I enjoy your blog and I marvel at the time that you devote to the process of visiting the subjects, taking pictures and then writing the extensive stories. You must really derive a great satisfaction from doing this.



do you know where they get their yeast, mold and rennet from ?

Thank you.


Hello Muriel,

No I don't know and I forgot to ask, might be an in-house culture that they keep from the previous cheese but it's just a supposition from my part.

Michael Harrelson

Are visitors permitted on the farm and fromagerie? We will be in Semur-en-Auxois over Christmas (Dec 21, 2022 through January 4, 2023) and would like a more authentic experience around our favorite cheese (epoisses, of course) than we would find at the cheese shops in the village of Epoisses. It is a 40 minute drive to Origny-sur-seine but we would love to see your farm. We understand that our holiday in Bourgogne is at a time when you may be closed for Noël but this is our third visit to Semur-en-Auxois/Beaune and we are more interested in the small villages than the bigger towns filled with tourists. If a visit is permitted then we can make arrangements as we get closer to our departure date. By the way, I am English only but my wife is a very good French speaker.

Michael and Nancy Harrelson
San Diego, California

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