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March 20, 2014


Rein Dieben

Dear Bert,

Seeing all these great natural wines and the enthusiastic Japanese crowd also makes me a little jealous. It seems there is still more interest in natural wines in Asia then there is in (especially) Holland for instance.

Good for them!

Regards, Rein (wijnkoperij de Loods, Holland)


Hi Bert,

You attended Festivin! I really envy you.
I am a wine lover living in Japan and I've been reading your blog for years since I bumped your blog by Google searching vintners in Loire valley.
Your blog is really a good source of information regarding artisan wine for me.
By the way, do you happen to know Mito Inoue, a vintner in the Auvergne, who started to make artisan wine a few years ago under the mentorship of Pierre BEAUGER? I met her 6,7 years ago at the wine party with Madam Chisa Bize before Mito went to France. Recently, I was really surprised to have found that she is now in France and making artisan wine.
I would be very happy if you have a chance to visit her and to make a nice report on her.



Hello Naoki, and Rein Dieben
Yes, this wine event was something very enjoyable, lots of good vibes during an otherwise rainy day.
I heard about Mito Inoue and she's on my wish-visit list, just waiting for the opportunity to go there,
I'll try to speed the thing...;-)


Bruce Gutlove


Unfortunately I could not get down for the event.
Fortunately, you were there and your fine prose brings it all to life for me.
Nice to see people like Francois D and Katsuyama san getting the attention they deserve.

All the best,
Bruce G.

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