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July 09, 2014



What an amazing place and a great post to match! love reading your blog! Cheers

Roelof Ligtmans

Well Bertrand, you seem to have set a new record for "micro-winery", or should I say "nano-winery". The picture of the Gamay vineyard makes me worry a bit, there is a lot of green stuff not being vines. In my experience in Burgundy, if I leave that much grass, I end up harvesting very few grapes if any - the vines do not like the competition. But maybe Auvergne is a blessed terroir alltogether ...


Thank you Mat, that was my pleasure to visit the place...
Roelof : I often feel the same in different vineyards I visit but here is seemed to me that the soil was draing well and that there wasn't much water anyway. I think the weeds take actually much of their water through the morning dew, not necessarily through the water already present in the ground (my theory...)


Thanks for a great report on Mito. She looks muscular now compared to her when I met eight years ago.
I am very happy to watch her on your blog!


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