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February 28, 2016


Richard Ewen

This was a fascinating collection of images. Your photos, especially the close-ups of small objects made it easier to study the pieces without having to jostle elbows with fellow museum goers. I also enjoyed the breadth of the wine culture covered in these examples. In the times of many of these painting scenes, there was an extra incentive to drinking wine regularly as the water available for drinking was not exactly healthy. Thank you for a rich collection of images and descriptions.


Fantastic, thank you.

Andrew Scott

Thanks for this story/pictorial. It's interesting how light in color the red wine is in the paintings compared to what we mostly see today. I'll just imagine it was all Pineau d'Aunis.

Mahee Ferlini

Thanks, Art and Wine: this is really fascinating!

Susan Manfull

Really interesting. Great idea for a post. I am going to share it on my FB site about wine!

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