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July 04, 2016


Taste of France

I was talking with a local vigneron who has a small family operation. He explained that every time he treats his vines, it's about €4000. As he said, that's a nice vacation. So he goes out and checks to see whether they really need it. If they don't--no treatment.
He explained that the big, industrial wineries will treat their vines on a schedule, whether they need it or not, because the person spraying isn't the person who would otherwise go on vacation if spraying isn't needed. The worker just does his thing.
And, he said, the bio growers spray more because the products are less efficient, so they don't dare let any bug get a foothold. Plus, he said, he uses synthetic solutions that are targeted to just a couple of bugs that destroy vines, whereas the so-called natural stuff kills bees and butterflies, as well as the insects that destroy the vines. He said the bio producers are shooting with a big gun under the name of the environment. He was quite upset (and I know this guy, he wasn't doing it for show) that the bio people think they are saving the environment when they are hurting it--at least in some cases.
I think the whole bio/raisoné situation is very complex, and we can't say bio=good and not bio = bad. I do favor very small producers, be it of wine, or fruit or honey. They feel directly the results of their actions, and they are directly linked to the terroir.

Tom C.

This is sad. No wonder all the bees are dying too. Thank you for showing this so graphically. "Conventional" seems like such an innocuous word for such a toxic practice.

John roberts


Great article. I am also appalled by the widespread use of herbicides in the world. I have to mention though that the Vosne-Romasnée man in a space suit in the video above is not likely spraying herbicide. The vines around him have growing leaves and he seems to be applying his spray very liberally. He does look alarming in that space suit with the back back sprayer but even if he were spraying organic materials i am going to assume that he is only following regulation by wearing personal protective equipment.


Bertrand ecrit 'We'll not try to name the domaines behind these pictures'
Why not? Name and shame i say, best way to get them on the right track is to hit them hard in the wallet!


Thank you for sharing the truth. Without knowing the truth, there can never be correction. It is similar to our "pink slime" additive used for beef in the States. The product is banned in Canada due to the presence of ammonia in it, and it is banned for human consumption in the European Union. The meat industry in the states only reduced usage when the public realized what they were eating after a news report in 2012 uncovered the truth. Money should never become prioritized over health, and yet we still see serious health issues come up on the news due to immoral greed.
(example: 2014 Taiwan food scandal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Taiwan_food_scandal)

Georgios Hadjistylianou

Hi Mr Bert,

We've met in Beaujolais last year, I worked at Domaine Lapierre.
I've seen much of the above, but you have sadly capture some amazing pictures "how do I destroy my vineyards"
This should be send around for people to see.

Thanks for sharing

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