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April 05, 2017


robert ames

greetings--this comment has nothing to do with this posting but i wanted to reach you and this seemed the easiest way.

i have heard that cafe de la promenade in bourgueil recently changed hands and is no longer run by the lovely duo of ludo and sophie. apparently the new proprietors are a bunch of unpleasant motorcycle bikers.

perhaps you should pay a visit and see what is going on there.

my brother and i stayed there in the fall of 2012 and it became one of my favourite places in france. sad to hear that this place may no longer be the haven that we found it to be.


Hi Robert
Thanks for the notice. Yes I heard it changed hands and I've planned to pay a visit there in may, I may report about it by june (through Instagram or the blog);



Gottfried Lamprecht

Thx for the post!
His vineyards are a little bit aside?


I’ve really enjoyed your site and meeting vignerons through it. When next in Dijon, visit Au Vieux Millésime caviste + wine bar. I think it’s a place you’d enjoy.

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