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June 05, 2017



A few rambling comments here. ....
Yair Margalit, whom you briefly mention here (but in greater detail an another article) is one of my wine hero; his scientific work will be a benefit to winemakers for decades to come.
Some years ago, I worked on a steep vineyard, so steep I had to hold on to the vine I was pruning to stop myself falling down the hill. I thought, 'How do you cultivate so steep a vineyard, for weeding, decavaillonage etc?. When I got home, I worked on an 'invention'; a small plough that could be pulled up the slope by the winch of a Land Rover. Then I read your original article about the 'Bene' ........ :) My 'invention was 60 years too late :)
Etiquettage is important, and I love many of the unconventional labels you often show. 'Aussi sec' for example.
Anyway, my rambling comments must stop, time for bed :)

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