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February 06, 2020


Roelof Ligtmans

Hi Bertrand,

I think you got it wrong about the EU and planting restrictions ! It actually was the EU that wanted to liberate planting restrictions, but France and French winegrowers that very much wanted to keep them. The winegrowers think it is a way to prevent "boom and bust" cycles and stabilise production levels. You may agree with that point of view or not, but it is not correct to blame the EU for something the French did themselves !!


Hi Bertrand, I discovered your blog a while back but with lockdown, I'm getting caught up! I live near Saint-Germain-en-Laye, go to the market from time to time and never saw that wine, pretty interesting-I'll look closer next time for some such bottles. My town, Beynes, is about 15 km southwest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and we have a tiny Patrimoine vineyard planted with chardonnay that produces about 1200 bottles at best farmed by members of the association here in town, I guess I should join someday! https://vigneronsdebeynes.blog4ever.com/photos/le-vin-les-coteaux-de-beynes. And also nearby, the Winerie Parisienne just outside Paris planted 10 hectares of vines on the plain of Versailles near Davron, their site explains what they are going for. http://www.winerieparisienne.fr/vignoble
On another note, It was cool to see the folks from Oregon House on your blog. I lived near there before moving to France and had never heard of Renniasnce until last year in the New York Times, fascinating history. Next time I go back, I'll try to stop in and visit them along with Absentee that I saw your post about. I also used to live in Inverness for about a year in 2005. Stay safe, look forward to more posts!


Hi D
Thank you for your comments and for the info on these unknown vineyards nearParis, there's hopefully a future for this region ! More posts are coming soon, hoping I can manage to visit a few people !

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