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May 26, 2022


Darius Liddell

Great profiles. Glad someone is interviewing these up-and-coming natural winemakers in Hungary. I have two names to recommend next time you are in Hungary.

1. Oszkar Maurer (actually in Hungarian-Serbian border on Serbia side) -- I worked with Oszkar for 2-3 months in harvest 2019. I think you've mentioned his name in other places on your blog, so I won't go into detail. But he speaks good English, so you can conduct a full interview with him. He's OG natural since early 2000s.

2. Imre Kalo. In Eger, his son is taking over for him now. I tasted in his cellar in summer 2019. He speaks no English at all, so you'll need a translator-friend handy. But this is the 100% real deal, hardcore natural winemaker since late 1990s, but he never sold commercially, so no one outside of Hungary wine nerds really knows who he is. This post is kind of over-the-top praise (https://www.vinography.com/2012/07/love_is_all_you_need_the_magic) but the wines are very interesting imo.

Anyway, I'm sure your list of people to see is long without my 2 additions. Cheers!


Thank you Darius, great tips, I had Maurer in my mind for next time I go on that side of the country, and great to know about someone in Eger, I'll try to find a translator when I go there...

Lakatos Bálint

The son and the son-in-law (Ádám) of Imre speaks English very well, so translation would not be an issue. I f they would be busy I can also translate :) Ádám and Imre’s daughter also has a winery in the same village called Hegyi-Kaló Pince, they make also amazing natural wines!
I also have an even smaller natural winery, so we are looking forward to a visit :)) see you in Szomolya!
Best regards,
Bálint Lakatos (Csalakatos Pince)


Hello Bálint, thank you for these tips, I'll look forward for visiting you when again in the area,

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